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Bookkeeping Services in Mississauga

Farrukh Ahmed, CPA offers affordable bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses. We provide a wide range of bookkeeping services including but not limited to cheque writing, payroll services, bill paying, accounting advice and tax preparation.

Why us?

Background on Farrukh Ahmed’s Accounting Firm

Farrukh Ahmed, CPA has been providing tax services for the individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs in Mississauga and Brampton for over 27+ years.

Experience working for CRA as Tax Auditor

Early in Farrukh’s career he worked for the Canadian revenue agency (CRA) as a tax-auditor. This deep understanding of the tax-code has benefited many of our clients.

Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)

Get the confidence of being back by a competent and reliable CPA. Farrukh works 1-on-1 with clients and has an open line for consultation whenever you may have a question.

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Get The Help Of A
Chartered Professional Accountant.

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What is bookkeeping and why do I need one?

Bookkeeping is an essential part of an organization often produced by bookkeeping clerks or the accounting department. Their job is to keep a record of all the financial transactions that take place during time of business. Often seen as the boring yet necessary part of running a business. If your books are kept in order it can save you hours when it comes time to filing your taxes since they can highlight transactions that you maybe qualified to write-off as a deductible or claim legitimate expenses you otherwise may have missed. In the end hiring a good bookkeeper comes down to saving you time and saving you money.

Farrukh’s bookkeeping advice for sole proprietors 

If you’re a sole proprietor you can buy me a cup of coffee for this simple piece of advice I am about to give you that will save you countless hours come tax season.

**Keep your business and personal accounts separate.**

You technically don’t have to register your business until you have $30,000 gross revenues in a single calendar year. At that point you must start collecting GST/HST as you’re expected by the CRA to pay these taxes. But you can register your business at any time, it’s not expensive. This will allow you to open separate business accounts at your local bank. This way you can easily distinguish between personal and business related transactions.

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Farrukh has been our accountant for years. We were one of his very first clients as he and his family were our neighbors in Mississauga. He is very professional and takes care of our family with our business and personal taxes. He is always accessible when I call and I would highly recommend his services.

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Zenon Mamalyga

Farrukh has been my accountant for at least the last twenty years. He has done an excellent job of assisting me in managing both my business and personal finances. His work has always been accurate and timely. His guidance over the years has been most instrumental in my success. Perhaps most important, he is always willing to answer my questions and provide guidance in a caring and pleasant manner. He genuinely cares.

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Frederic J. Marchal

President - Compliance systems

Mr Farokh has been my accountant for personal and business for over 17 years and I am very pleased with his services.

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Steve Moarefdoust