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Independent Contractor Accounting Services in Mississauga

Farrukh Ahmed is a certified professional accountant helping businesses like yours for the past 27+ years. As an independent contractor you’ll have a professional who knows about the industry. We’ll provide all the accounting tax services so you can focus on the work and we’ll do all the “boring stuff”. We know what expenses are tax-deductible and which expenses are not. You can be assured we’ll do our best to help you work out a plan and minimize your tax liability.

Worked for the CRA

Early in Farrukh’s career he worked as a CRA tax auditor. He knows exactly what can trigger a tax-audit, how to prevent one, and how to make a case defending his clients should you ever be audited. As an independent contractor you are responsible for filing your own taxes, statistically self-employed individuals and high income earners are more at risk of being randomly audited.

Professor At Sheridan College

In addition to Farrukh’s love for numbers and helping local businesses and entrepreneurs. He has been teaching at Sheridan College on how to use the latest cloud accounting software to help businesses manage their finances online.

Accounting Firm Est. 1993

Farrukh Ahmed’s accounting firm has been provided tax services for the Greater Toronto Area for the past 27+ years. Our office is currently located out of Mississauga, Ontario. We’ve worked with many local contractors here in the Peel region. We’re certain our past experience will be of tremendous value to you in your practice.

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Get The Help Of A
Chartered Professional Accountant.

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Tax Specialist for Independent Contractors

We are a one stop shop for contractors.

We can help you with bookkeeping, filing, and provide on-demand tax advisory services.

Customer satisfactions is our number one priority and we’re very proud of the fact we have 42+ google reviews with a 5-star rating. Being a contractor gives you the freedom you likely wanted but that comes at a cost of being responsible for your own business. From a tax perspective, individual contractors are considered to be a business and as such you need to do things like contributing to CPP (Canadian pension plan) as both the employer and employee. We’ll make sure you’ve got a good foundation set up correctly and then move onto figuring out ways you can prepare for the future.


google-reviews-for-farrukh-ahmed personal accountant

My companies and I have been a client of Ahmed Farrukh, since the first year the business started back in the 90’s. Ahmed and his team have taken care of my personal, family and business accounting all this time and I have been more than pleased with the value and the service. Even when we moved our business from Mississauga to Niagara we kept Ahmed and his company as our accountant. From everyday accounting to the sale of a business to personal tax planning I highly recommend both Ahmed and his firm. They have served us well and i have no doubt they will continue to until my retirement. Thanks for the years of great service. David.

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David Emond

Farrukh has been my business accountant for many years now. He helped me incorporate, taught me Quickbooks, and he files my corporate year end taxes, as well as quarterly HST filings. He also provides overall financial advice and does my personal taxes. He is very quick to answer any questions or concerns, and very professional.

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Suzanne Gallant

My business and household have been dealing with Farrukh since the past 4 tax years. We find him to be professional and adept in his operations and correspondence. He gives you the time of the day and doesn’t treat you like another invoice. Farrukh is also well informed – be it latest industry regulations or best practices. This ensures compliance for his clientele. Farrukh and his team have our vote and we confidently recommend their services to those in the market for business or personal needs. See Review on Google
Shehzad Zaman

Tax services we provide

Accounting Services for Contractors

We’re confident that our service will cover all your needs. But each case is unique so we believe it’s best to chat on phone and see if we’d be a right fit for each other.

  • We can help incorporate your practice.
  • Registration and filing for GST/HST.
  • Setup cloud computing accounting software with your business bank account. This will help keep track of invoices, expenses, and day-to-day operations.
  • We provide defense for all clients in case of a tax-audit helping you sleep at night.
  • Payroll services.
  • Filing of proper tax-documents on time.
  • Tax planning advice (ethically minimizing your total tax owing within the tax code)
  • Open communication line for clients to call in and ask questions you may have relating to your tax affairs.